Travelling With Wales and Border Trains to Vale of Neath, South Wales

Holiday in Vale of Neath, South Wales

For whatever reason, when many are planning a holiday in the UK they never consider Wales, and when you take into account what this country has to offer the visitor this is nothing short of a travesty. With the entire coastline now benefiting from a path that you can walk along, the Welsh Tourist Board are hoping this is a scenario that is about to change, and it really should.

Wales can now proudly boast that they are the first, and only, country in the entire world to have a walking trail along the entire length of its coastline. When you consider some of the magnificent coastlines that exist in this world of ours, it was very forward thinking of the Welsh Tourist Board to implement this and they have done a sterling job in turning this pipe dream into a glorious reality.

All 870 miles of the Wales Coast Path is worth visiting, not just for the stunning landscape, but also for the dramatic ruggedness of it all courtesy of the unforgiving Irish Sea which is your constant companion the further north you go.


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Travelling With Wales and Border Trains

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