Chase - Espresso Vodka 70cl Bottle

£ 40.15

Chase Vodka and Single-Estate El Salvador coffee forms the intensely rich base of Chase Espresso Vodka. Coffee is cold brewed with natural spring water from Chae farm and lightly sweetened then infused with Madagascan vanilla pods. This rich and complex cold brew is then blended with the smooth and flavourful potato spirit to make Chase Espresso Vodka. Nose: Rich milk chocolate, hints of vanilla, honey and aromas of dark roast coffee. Palate: An intense burst of coffee with sweet notes of black cherry, honey and dark muscovado sugar, is complemented by the bitterness of dark chocolate and a creamy vanilla finish. Recommended Serve: Serve chilled and sip on its own. You may want to set aside an evening to slowly savour this one.