1912 Fonseca Vintage Port 1912 (Decanted Selection) 20cls

£ 199.97

So that customers can appreciate very old vintage ports, vintagewinegifts have rebottled and recorked a small selection of classic vintage ports for you to enjoy. This bottling is a 20cl bottle of 1912 Fonseca vintage port. The port is "Colour in comparison to the very yellow faded colour of the 1908 has good depth and a more ruby tinge than the 1927. That lovely delicate warmth with a gentle touch of spice of a very old Vintage Port, the mix and harmony of flavour you can only get with great age. Great balance. The 1927 is 'softer' on the palate. In comparison the 1912 has more tannic grip and a touch of resin with the crème brûlée combining to give a marvelous smooth enduring finish. What a remarkable centenarian in great Fonseca tradition." PLEASE NOTE THIS BOTTLE SIZE IS 20CLS OR 2/7 OF A NORMAL BOTTLE SIZE. This vintage port is shipped in a deluxe silk lined wooden presentation box with four wine accessories (corkscrew, wine pourer, drip stopper & wine thermometer) [worth £17.99] at no extra cost and now includes a free gift card with your personal message and tasting and storage notes.