Eden Mill - Botano 2017 Gin 50cl Bottle

£ 30.47

NB: Botano is only one style of gin but has 3 different bottle wrappers. We are unable to state which style of 'wrapper' your bottle will arrive in. A mere 300 bottles produced. Inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean, Botano (Voh-ta-noh) is Greek for Herb. Infusing a selection of aromatic herbs with zesty lemon and orange peel, makes this gin both fresh and fragrant. Botanicals include juniper, coriander, black pepper, angelica root, lemon peel, orange peel, basil, rosemary, dill, bay leaves, parsley, orris root and almond powder. Serve with a premium light tonic (or neat) over ice, garnished with basil.