Mr Kamms Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 37.98

Mr. Kamms is a modern interpretation of a classic London Dry Gin using a colourful blend of 45 ingredients which enhance the flavours of traditional gin botanicals. Botanicals include ginseng, fresh grapefruit, lemon and orange peels, apricot kernel, hibiscus, rosehip, blue butterfly pea and Citra hops. The gin is made in a very small hand-beaten copper still in the traditional one-shot method, meaning that instead of making a concentrated gin and blending that with more spirit, all of the spirit from the still is used. This makes it considerably more expensive to produce but the resulting gin has a deeper, more rounded flavour and softer mouthfeel. Mr. Kamms is a barley-based gin so the texture is sweeter and more creamy on the palate than a wheat-based spirit.