Arbikie - AK's Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 33.79

AKs Gin is distilled using wheat farmed at Arbikie, flavoured with fresh honey, black pepper and cardamon chosen by our Master Distiller, Kirsty Black. This characterful gin is named after Alexander Kirkwood Stirling (aka AK). He's the Father of Arbikie Highland Estate distillery founders Iain, John and David. And their inspiration. AK has been a craftsman of seed and soil for over 60 years and has passed on all his passion and skill to the next generation. This Scottish farm to bottle gin is a tribute to AK. The spirit is created entirely on the estate using their wheat and water. It is distilled in copper stills and bottled in the distillery. They've weaved in botanicals to give it earthy and spicy hints and honey to add a subtle smoothness. Tastes that reflect the essence of Arbikies AK.