Boatyard - Double Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 33.12

A smooth, Juniper-led dry gin with notes of citrus crush and floral sweetness. Boatyard Double Gin is the essence of Fermanagh brought to life with earthy tones from our family farm foraged botanical, Sweet Gale. Organically produced wheat spirit is macerated for 18 hours with 8 different botanicals, including Sweet Gale which has been harvested from the family farm. For ultimate freshness, lemon peel which is taken from unwaxed lemons on the day that they are to be used. As the spirit runs off the still we introduce a unique juniper filtration process which Dutch gin spirit distillers call dubbel gebeide genever. This double contact method results in an even more pronounced juniper flavour. The collected spirit has pure water added to it before resting for a minimum of 2 weeks before we bottle and label.