House of Botanicals - Raspberry Old Tom Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 31.96

A seasonal exclusive that is produced solely on Scottish raspberries during the months of June through to September. The same base as the House Of Botanicals Old Tom Gin is used which is distilled in London using juniper berries, angelica root, orris root, coriander seed, cassia bark, almond, orange peel and lemon peel. This is then forwarded to The House of Botanicals they compound further with saffron and raspberries, before lightly sweetening with refined cane sugar, with no more than 25g per litre. Nose: Light pink. Candied citrus and piney juniper dominate with a subtle underlying note of cracked black pepper and raspberry. Taste: Juniper and pine continue to dominate alongside citrus and spice, all enveloped in a creamy mouthfeel, which leads into a floral and tart raspberry finish. Finish: Long and fragrant, lightly sweet, with the return of the cracked pepper and spice.