Cross Keys - Black Currant Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 25.60

Experience a dance of bittersweet blossoms upon fresh juniper spirit. Cross Keys signature clay bottle rounds up the usual sharpness of gin, allowing full enjoyment of diverse botanicals. Rosemary: A thread of rosemary aromatic oil balances the taste, bringing together a whole variety of herbal flavours. Juniper: Junipers essential taste of wilderness is the age-old signature of traditional gin. Black Currant: Juicy black currant pearls adorn the original gin with charming, well-rounded mellow sweet ?avours and delicate purple blush. Camomile: Well known for its curing and soothing properties, chamomile enriches the taste with familiar bitter notes and soothing dry nectar. Linden blossoms: The sweet taste of honey and warming properties of linden blossoms will recall your sweet memories of the last summer.