Foxhole Gin - Marc 6 70cl Bottle

£ 37.63

A unique gin, made using rare and valuable by-products from the 2015 Sussex grape vintage of The Bolney Estate in Sussex, England. Tongue in cheek, Foxhole Gin takes 8,760 hours to make; a full grape-growing season, a long fermentation and six distillations in a hand-built copper still. Multiple award-winning, Foxhole Gin is beautifully balanced, smooth and aromatic with flavours that subtly change with each new vintage. Velvet-textured with floral coriander, balanced with grapefruit and lemon zest. Perfected with a long finish of subtle bitter orange notes. Each bottle is screen printed by hand in a gold precious metal ink, which is fired at a precise high temperature to turn the ink copper, along with white ceramic ink to emphasise the detail in the design. The back and sides of the bottle are decorated with a custom illustration of vine leaves, reflecting Foxhole Gin's oenological connections. The bold, bushy-tailed fox logo appears in all his glory on the front, and in a subtly embossed form on the top of the seal.