Ramsbury - Single Estate Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 32.19

Nose: Juniper gently infuses with the grassy and fruity tones of quince. Light notes of citrus balanced by woody angelica and spicy cinnamon create a balanced and complex aroma. Palate: Floral tones and crisp quince fades into more savoury juniper, with a refreshing finish and a touch of spice. Smoothness abounds and this single estate spirit sits at the sweeter end of London Dry Gin. Ramsbury Gin is a rare thing, one of the few single estate gins made in the UK. Ramsbury believe that you can't make great gin without first making great vodka. This award-winning gin starts its journey on the estate as Horatio wheat. It is then distilled through a 43 plate copper still, creating a base spirit that gives the gin an incredibly smooth texture. Starting with a 96.5% spirit, Ramsbury add nine botanicals (juniper, fresh quince, cinnamon, liquorice, oris root, coriander, dried lemon peel, dried orange peel, angelica). It is then distilled in a 160l gin still. From an 80% gin concentrate, the distillery blend down to 40% using their own water, chill filter once before hand bottling on site.