Tiger - Premium Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 37.43

Juniper berries from the Balkans (provides classical perfumed notes), Coriander seeds from Eastern Europe (warm eastern spice adds depth and complexity). Cut and dried Angelica root from France/Belgium (earthy base note). Dried sweet lemon peels from Spain (fresh zesty lemony notes accentuates the notes of the other Botanicals). Dried sweet orange peels from Spain (fresh sweet citrus notes), Cassia bark from China (warm spice notes). Tiger Gin is a premium quality gin distilled using pure English water blended with the finest quality botanicals, spices and grain that is carefully selected and sourced each season from the best harvests around the world. Tiger Gin evolves from a passion and a unique, complex formula that develops into a taste infusion that is smooth, well balanced and a very satisfying award winning gin. All ingredients are natural. No artificial flavourings!