Jack Ratt Lugger Rum

£ 44.00

Unlike most commercial spiced rums Jack Ratt Lugger Rum is not defined by an overpowering vanilla characteristic. Instead the aim was to create a rum that offers a full profile of spices. As a result the Caribbean rum has been aged in bourbon-charred oak barrels before spicing it with nutmeg orange-peel and cloves as well as vanilla.The name ‘Lugger Rum’ originates from the name given to the fishing boats that Jack Ratt would have used to smuggle contraband into Lyme Bay in the 18th Century. Fast agile and often painted black under the cover of darkness these Luggers were almost impossible to catch.Presented in a striking bell shaped bottle with a cork this bottle can be re-used time and time again. Whether you want to treat yourself or if you are looking for a special gift for a friend this rum is a great addition to any drinks cabinet. Key Features:Made in the UKALC 40% VOL