Burla Negra - Rum 70cl Bottle

£ 35.81

For Burla Negra, the best Caribbean rums were selected. Then aged for 24 spring tides in casks where Albario wine was aged. The distillery reproduces the same ageing process, so-called shipping solera, undergone by rum in the past, during the ocean travels. Because during those sea journeys rum organoleptic characteristicsnose and tastewere modified. Finally, real Atlantic seawater is added. Pirates usually sailed with their cargo hold full of barrels, which contained provisions, water and rum, all they needed for their voyage. As these barrels were emptied, they were filled with seawater for ballast, in order to keep the ship in balance. Once ashore, before resupplying the vessel, seawater was removed from the barrels so that they could be filled with rum again. Thus pirate rum had a salty taste that made it very different from any other rum.