The Matsui - Mizunara Cask Single Malt 70cl Bottle

£ 106.51

The Matsui Mizunara Cask Single Malt is distilled by the Kurayoshi distillery, Kurayoshi city - Tottori prefecture. Double distilled in pot stills then aged in Mizunara oak casks. Mizunara is known for its rarity and the difficulty to work its tight grain to make barrels. Spirits aged in this type of oak gain unique and original flavours. Ageing takes place in the Tottori prefecture in a natural environment very favourable to good ageing. It is then diluted down with high-quality natural spring water from Mont Daisen. This masterpiece is made with heart and passion by the Matsui team! Colour: Light gold. Nost: Fresh, woody, vanilla and hint of spices. Palate: Fresh, complex and rich. Oaky with cinnamon and oriental spices. Finish: Notes of caramel.