Champagne Drappier - Grande Sendree 2009 6x 75cl Bottles

£ 473.71

A ravishing pale yellow robe with topaz nuances. Time has used its patina to reveal the wines complexity. Hawthorn blends with acacia honey, beeswax and marzipan. When it is aerated, the wine resumes its murmurings, quince jelly meets raspberry jam and alternates with bergamot and warm brioche. On the palate it is invigorating, imposing and it teases the taste buds. The bead caresses and balances wild strawberry jam with ripe blood orange. This harmony is extended in a delicate minerality and a lovely bitterness in which hints of mandarin orange come through. Perfect aperitif. Goes perfectly with bouillon of crayfish and grapefruit, poached turbot with sauce hollandaise, scallop carpac-cio, rack of lamb with foie gras, creamed Bresse fowl with truffles.